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Live Review: The Blaze bring emotions to life with new album, 'Dancehall' + release stunning film clip for 'Queens'

11 September 2018 | 9:33 am | Melinda Amott

The Blaze bring to life emotions with loops and ghostly vocals with Dancehall and present single Queens with a beautifully structured film clip

French electro duo THE BLAZE have released the anticipated album, Dancehall, and it is everything we could have hoped for. Starting the year off with first released single Heaven’, The Blaze continued to impress with a slew of singles throughout the year, all which gave promise to the 2018 album release which was available last Friday.

The latest single to be released off the album is ‘Queens’. The song is a mix of consistent bass line and innocent sharp keys which are both surrounded with soft vocals that sound just like heartache. The video clip directed by Jonathan and Guillaume Alric, supports this in an exquisite way with beautifully shot angles and all-round cinematography that turns the song into a visual masterpiece.

The album itself, has been put together in a way in which emotions are brought to life over ten tracks that have been listed wonderfully. ‘Opening’ introduces the other 9 tracks with a several second piano loop that keeps you on edge with anticipation of a bass line. Mid track, it is a soft, loner dance anthem. Other tracks such as ‘Heaven’ and ‘Places’ show-off the unique complexity that is The Blaze. The beats are catchy and almost ghostly, and the vocals seep right through you.

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‘Faces’ sends the album into a frenzy with distorted sounds and looped vocals that intensify every ten seconds, it almost sounds unfamiliar in comparison to the other songs due to the missing vocals that are suddenly heard toward the end. The album finishes with ‘Mount’, the ambient sounds carry the song all the way through, and again the intensity that you have grown to be comfortable with. ‘Mount’ is beautifully structured and closes the album off in a way that is simply, closure.

Dancehall is one to not miss out on experiencing.

Image: Supplied

Words by Melinda Amott