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Live Review: Thandi Phoenix teams up with Rudimental for 'My Way'

26 March 2018 | 8:08 am | Max Lewis

Sydney artist Thandi Phoenix has teamed up with none other than UK drum-and-bass stars Rudimental for 'My Way', a soaring electro-pop cut.

Sydney artist THANDI PHOENIX has dropped 'My Way', a mammoth track which sees her teaming up with none other than UK drum-and-bass powerhouse, RUDIMENTAL.

In the 7-odd months since 'Standing Too Close', it's been a wild ride for Thandi Phoenix. After scoring high rotation on Triple J and reaching #1 on the Australian Spotify Viral Charts, she was picked as main support by Rudimental on their Australian tour. They quickly formed a tight bond which resulted in 'My Way', a pounding electro-pop track that shows Thandi can do no wrong.

'My Way' lures you in with a gentle electro-pop progression and Thandi's restrained vocals, before pulling out all the stops and erupting into an enormous drum-and-bass banger. The chorus is truly phenomenal; Thandi's vocals are effortless as they soar above the pounding drums and pulsing low-end. It's an absolutely packed mix but her voice pierces through it without any fancy tricks - just sheer power and raw talent. Despite some tell-tale Rudimental sounds, the track is recognisably hers, with her talent for stunning vocal hooks and catchy songwriting shining through the DnB glitz.

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Thandi Phoenix's craft has always played with different styles of electronic music, from the notes of trip-hop in 'Standing Too Close' to the club-adjacent, 'Tell Me Where The Lovers Have Gone'. 'My Way' proves her vocal and songwriting talents are killer no matter what form they take. Given Rudimental's track record of sky-rocketing the popularity of artists they work with, we're more than sure 2018 will be the year Thandi Phoenix takes over the world.