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Live Review: Tentendo releases sweet single ‘Waves’ with the help of some talented collaborators

17 September 2018 | 8:59 am | Clare Neal

‘Waves’ is the fourth and latest single to be released by multi-talented Melbourne artist TENTENDO.

‘Waves’ is the fourth and latest single to be released by multi-talented Melbourne artist TENTENDO, as he continues his musical expedition into the realms of electronic production. The track arrives through Majestic Casual Records and features some of the artist’s nearest and dearest collab pals including Blasko, Jordan Dennis and Rahel

As its title suggests, ‘Waves’ ebbs and flows with the help of alternating synth and bass lines that overlap like you would imagine waves on a shore. It’s gentle (think more bay, less surf) but gritty thanks to Tentendo’s mix of salt ‘n’ pepper shaker, chicka chicka drum samples and relaxed upward arpeggios. Blasko, Jordan Dennis and Rahel each bring their own element to the track to ensure that despite its apparent slowness it remains interesting, with lyrics that speak of how lovers vibe off one another like the moon and the tides.

Of the track coming together, Tentendo says; "Waves was written over the course of a few months last year and features 3 of my favourite friends on it. I initially sent the beat to Blasko and Jordan - I wanted to see what they’d both do with it as it’s pretty different to what I’d usually send their way. Blasko sent back the perfect start to the song and Jordan came back to me with a couple of gorgeous hooks. I knew I needed a female voice on it but I couldn’t find the right person. I showed it to Rahel backstage while we were on tour with Noname last year and she told me she loved it so much she wanted to write to it. Waves is an ethereal lullaby- reminding you of how we feel and move as people when we're in love"

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Although this track is the slowest and most chilled out release from Tentendo to date, there is no doubt that it has rhythm and flow. It’s surprising to learn that the artist’s electronic efforts have occurred almost by accident, after a wrist injury turned the typically bass guitar playing musician’s attention to more alternative methods for sound production. Citing musical influences such as Taylor Mcferrin, Flying Lotus, J Dilla and The Roots to name a few, it is clear that excellent personal taste and a long background in traditional music making have set this producer up for an exciting future. Hopefully we will be able to listen to a larger collection of music from Tentendo in the near future.

'Waves' is out now via Majestic Casual Records - buy/stream here.


IMAGE: Supplied.