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Live Review: Tentendo has your ‘One Stop Shop’ to a soulful celebration of new wave hip-hop

10 July 2017 | 4:53 pm | Natalie Turner

For those of you who follow the Soulquarium movement you're gonna’ love TENTENDOS (aka Caleb Williams) debut single track, ‘One Stop Shop’.

For those of you who follow the Soulquarium movement and all its genre bending glory, you're gonna love TENTENDO (aka Caleb Williams) and his debut single track, ‘One Stop Shop’. For those unfamiliar with the fast growing modernist genre, it pretty much infuses neon-soul and alternative hip-hop into a glorious, collaborative partnership. The genre is known for placing exquisite soulful production over smooth gliding rap and that’s exactly what ‘One Stop Shop’ provides.

Tentendo’s past talents have become his one way ticket to being the high quality producer he has blossomed into today. Studying bass guitar and music performance, this lad has a heck of a lot of tricks under his belt, placing him high up on the talent scale.

It has been in the last couple of years where his production has been fully recognised for all it's versatility. Joining forces with fellow rising star BILLY DAVIS, the pair have seen endless support from stacks of well known music outlets such as BBC1, Okayplayer, and High Snobiety and shared stages with legends ANDERSON PAAK and BLACKALICIOUS. So with friends in high places, talent beyond measure, and a well established support network, is it really a surprise that we’ve placed his new track as a personal favourite of ours?

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‘One Stop Shop’ captures every desire and every glimpse of passion you’ve come into contact with; its production can only be described as a complete testament to modern day electronic, while a mysterious, unnamed Melbourne vocalist creates a perfect harmony between the playful samples and her animated vocals.

With Tentendo wistfully placing his own perfected talent on the keyboard into this mesmerising, soulful dedication to electronic, it’s the instrumentals that play a major part in the reason you will fall head over heels for this track. With R&B inspired vocals, hip-hop influences and sprinkles of neon soul AND electronic, there’s something to appease everyone, no matter what your taste.

Already producing several artists such as BILLY DAVIS, BLASKO and JORDAN DENNIS  and now easily perfected his solo artistry with this ripper of a track, ‘One Stop Shop’ is an exciting first snippet into this guys long career, check him out.