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Live Review: PREMIERE: Tee Noah shakes things up with second single, 'Adam's Apple'

4 August 2017 | 10:00 am | Emma Jones

We first heard TEE NOAH just a few weeks back, with his sensational debut single, 'Indigo'. With a chilled out beat, powerful lyrics and a contagious optimism, you'd be forgiven for thinking Noah was heading down an almost-evangelical, positive rap path. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that at all, but it seems Noah has another plan entirely and is actually refusing to be pegged as a one-trick pony with his next release.

'Adam's Apple' is Noah's second single, and serves as a complete surprise from the guitar-tinged electronica we heard in his debut. 'Adam's Apple' is like the old stuff from The Weeknd; it's definitely NSFW. Just as Noah was powerful in his "bigger picture" lyrics of 'Indigo,' he is powerful here in his sexuality. Over an almost trap beat, this is an all-out RnB banger about makin' love.

On the surface level, it's just a track about wanting to bone your co-worker and the risks that come with it - will you lose your job if you get caught? Will it be worth it? But, according to Noah, it goes a lot deeper than that. "On the surface its a role play of forbidden love and the breaking of cultural taboos. History shows us that yesterday’s taboo is today’s normal. It’s a call to take the risk and fight for what you love."

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Fighting between responsibility and desire, Noah explores his inner self, questioning why things are taboo and if any of it is actually worth it. Talking himself out of it in the hook, but getting deeper into why he wants to go there in the first place, Noah presents an intricate and well-considered man vs man discussion with himself - and sounds damn good while doing it.

Hinting that he has a lot more to come, this is definitely not the last we've heard of Tee Noah. I'd try to make a prediction on where I think he's going to go, but I think its a whole lot safer to bet that wherever he's headed next is going to be a surprise - and that's what makes him so exciting.

Words by Emma Jones