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Live Review: PREMIERE: Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Tanzer's disco banger, 'Tango'

22 July 2020 | 11:04 am | Emma Jones

Melbourne's TANZER is gearing up to release her brand new single this week, custom made to help you shake off your winter/isolation blues. Titled 'Tango', it's a self-described "bizarre, funky disco banger" and we are thrilled to be premiering it on Purple Sneakers today.

Written alongside Lord Fascinator, 'Tango' is a multi-lingual dancefloor filler with Tanzer enticing you into her technicoloured, disco ball-lit world. A call to arms to let everything go and just move, feel and love, 'Tango' shows the Melbourne diva sing in both English and Italian as she invites you onto the floor and leave everything else behind.

With a driving beat, erratic samples, bongos, warm synths, plenty of claps and so much more, 'Tango' is a full-bodied listening experience. Tanzer delivers a commanding vocal performance with her dramatic voice echoing out over the cacophony, and you can't help but heed her directions as she demands you to 'Tango'. The influence of Fascinator is a welcome addition, as is none other than Touch Sensitive on bass, with Tanzer leaning even further into the ecstasy, theatrics and absurdity of the song.

Tanzer said of her new single, "’Tango’s lyrics address a timid, anxious lover, coquettishly demanding they stop overthinking things and surrender to romance. The song is heavily influenced by the seductive 1990s music releases from Italian-Hungarian porn star and cultural icon, Ilona “Cicciolina” Staller. Cicciolina was an unlikely childhood hero for Tanzer, who grew up watching her on daytime television, running for parliament and exuding glamour and confidence across her many pursuits."

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A disco banger influenced by a 90's porn star/icon? We are absolutely here for it.

Listen to 'Tango' below:

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied