Live Review: Taj Ralph delivers dreamy solo tune 'Beat The Keeper'

16 March 2017 | 8:57 am | Rosie Rae

Fresh on the scene, but far from raw TAJ RALPH delivers delectable single 'Beat The Keeper.' You may recognise Taj, he's been busking around Sydney since his early teens, honing his craft and developing his sound. This is where he was initially picked up by HORRORSHOW frontman, Solo, who saw a light in this shining star. They went on to collaborate on their track 'Push', and Taj has since branched out on his own. His influences are impressive and you can definitely pick them up in his laid back but highly contemporary RnB sound. It's incredible that at such a young age Taj Ralph's style is comparable to heavyweights like THE INTERNET. Not to say that Taj hasn't done the work, all that busking has definitely helped develop him as a performer.

Taj Ralph quite literally thumps straight into 'Beat The Keeper' with his kick drum beat. His vocal is the initial hook though, delivering a subtly sexy RnB vibe. It's only after the first listen that you notice all the little complexity laced under the gentle warmth of guitar. Every little electronic flourish works seamlessly with the piano and tambourine.

Aside from his instrumental ability, Taj Ralph has a strong understanding of composition. There's something intangibly modern about his take on RnB, and his vocal hooks. Perhaps it's the underlying electronic element, or his ability to marry a variety of genres like an absolute pro.

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Taj Ralph's single 'Beat The Keeper' will released independently on March 24th.

You can catch Taj Ralph LIVE on May 27th at

The Record Crate, Glebe Tickets available here.

Words by ROSIE RAE