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Live Review: Ta-ku shares introspective new single 'Notice'

3 November 2020 | 12:59 pm | Claudia Fallon

As one of Australia's most prolific beatmakers, Ta-ku continues to push the sonic boundaries of RnB and soul music with his new single 'Notice'.

As one of Australia's most prolific producers, Ta-ku continues to push the sonic boundaries of RnB and soul music to create a unique and emotive listening experience. Releasing his first single for 2020 'Cruel' featuring Panama earlier this year, this multi-disciplinary artist is back with his newest track 'Notice', that reflects on childhood experiences through moving soundscapes. Exploring new territories with emotionally charged lyricism, Ta-ku exposes the raw intimacies of his past. With the arrival of 'Notice', we continue to be stunned by his exceptional music production that is always evocative and vividly introspective.

With smooth down-tempo RnB sensibilities, Ta-ku continues to bring vulnerability and tender sounds to his music. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, listeners are taken to soft and gentle depths from melancholic harmonies that still provide a certain warmth and effervescence. As gentle beats and hi-hat snaps expose a layer of sleekness, 'Notice' becomes a love laden ballad with lyricism that tells a tale of lost affection. This sonic tapestry is further emboldened by gentle piano keys, heartfelt strings and rising drums that carry strong emotion throughout. The music continues to grow in vibrancy as Ta-ku's soul-bearing vocals add a touch of sorrow to this personal exploration. Topped with lyrics that tell a story of childhood fragility, 'Notice' exposes the intimacies of the human experience and the love and affection we all crave.

Singing about receiving love and feeling seen as a child, Ta-ku said about the track, “Inspired by the relationship I have with my father - 'Notice' is the song my younger self would sing if he knew that he could. No relationship is perfect but sometimes it's nice to say exactly what you feel. I think this is the most I've ever used my voice on a track - and while I'm still growing as an artist this feels like new territory for me that I'm more than excited to keep exploring."

As an avid collaborator, producer, visual artist and photographer, Ta-ku has released a plethora of music and art that show the intricacies of his stunning artistic production. Paired with a video which shows the artist as a young boy craving love and affection, 'Notice' explores a family dynamic that resonates closely with Ta-ku. With 'Notice' proving his music only gets better with time (which is saying something given he has practically set the standard over the last few years). Keep it coming, Ta-ku!

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Image: Supplied