Live Review: Swick brings the bounce with Spank Rock on 'Polo Love'

26 April 2017 | 8:54 pm | Holly O'Neill

Sydney producer SWICK can't be clearly defined with genres and with his new track 'Polo Love' ft SPANK ROCK, he makes himself even harder to pin down.

Sydney producer SWICK can't be clearly defined with genres; his music is more of a collection of influences and moods he creates. There's sprinklings of dancehall, maximalist pop, EDM, bass and and even grime in his music and it's always peppy and makes you want to move. With his new track 'Polo Love', a collab with THE AVALANCHES live rapper and vocalist SPANK ROCK, he makes himself even harder to pin down.

This is the second collaboration they've done since Swick's Stamina EP last year, and proves the producer and rapper are a brilliant team. Spank Rock sings more than he raps on this track and his heartfelt vocals, over the jittery beat, are an interesting change from his more in-your-face delivery. A variety of weird and wonderful samples also feature in the track, with tactile sounds reminiscent of pots and pans or cars zooming by.

The lead up to the drop is a steady, growing force of warbling synths sans drums, slowly building under the vocals. It swells to what you think would be a dense drop, but it's huge in an unexpected way, using a lot of empty space to make the beat's hits truly hit hard. The percussion is sharp and speedy, with unpredictable patterns layered under syllabic rapping.

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Overall, 'Polo Love' is a move your body banger and is nothing but positives; eclectic synth lines, grimey breakdown and perfectly tailored vocals. This is the first release we've heard from Swick in 2017, and with what looks like a prolific year for NLV Records hopefully we'll be hearing more from this energetic club producer.