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Live Review: Swick teams up with Nina Las Vegas for a club ode to love

28 May 2018 | 8:12 am | Holly O'Neill

'Hydration' sees SWICK team up with NINA LAS VEGAS for the perfect mix of pop hooks and synth madness to quench your thirst for a unique future club bop.

Busy producing with labelmate and NLV Records' resident popstar KOTA BANKS and prepping his own incoming mixtape, Sydney's own SWICK has blessed us with a new track! His first of the year, he's linked up with labelhead NINA LAS VEGAS for a rare treat, a club music love song. 'Hydration' is the perfect blend of pop hooks and unique sound design to quench your thirst for a forward thinking club bop.

From the synths to the percussion Swick creates a soundscape that is completely his own, shaping even Nina Las Vegas' hooks to his own design. Her voice stutters and squeaks across the track, matching the simmering basslines and rubbery synthwork. Under the vocals, layers of fills and pads brew building to a huge release, a sparse choppy instrumental drop that makes you feel as peppy as the bouncing synth hits.

The vocal feels just as cheeky as the instrumental, as Nina channels the lyrical embodiment of the heart eyes emoji while also telling off her boo for being on his phone too much! As she shifts between gushing and teasing, the track follows, moving from grand builds and romantic harps to free wheeling bouncy breakdowns. 'Hydration' is sonic embodiment of the honeymoon stage of a relationship, giving us hope that we too could find this kind of love in the club.

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Swick's incoming mixtape Court Composer is due to drop in September, through NLV Records. If 'Hydration' is anything to go by, it's set to be an exploration of idiosyncratic club featuring a few hot collabs, that no ones does better than Swick.

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