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Live Review: Swick drops new party starter with ‘Decisions’ feat. Kota Banks, ahead of forthcoming mixtape

10 September 2018 | 9:22 am | Clare Neal

If producers earned badges like boy scouts did for every major collab they released, Melbourne producer SWICK would be searching for spare room on his sash.

If producers earned badges like boy scouts did for every major collab they released, SWICK would be searching for spare room on his sash. The artist has worked with the likes of Diplo, Major Lazer, Tkay Maidza, Spank Rock, Nina Las Vegas, Kota Banks and Capo Lee (just to casually name a few) and now he’s about to cause some new ruckus, dropping his forthcoming mixtape Court Composer via NLV Records. The newest release to be featured on Court Composer presents itself in ‘Decisions’, a tech-y little taster featuring fellow NLV Records artist, Kota Banks.


‘Decisions’ continues Swick's mission of late to inject some much needed left-field club energy into Australia's electronic soundscape. Mixing the pop stylings of Kota Banks with his own unpredictable beats, 'Decisions' follows the ground work he and his labelmates have been steadily laying down as they truly capitalise on the market with their completely fresh sounds and bangers. Having worked together on Banks' recent mixtape, the two once again prove they're an unstoppable duo, with BanksR’n’B/pop vocals carrying the track and aiding in it's build up while simultaneously softening the surprise uppercuts from Swick’s 808 magic arms.

Lyrically, ‘Decisions’ is about being on the brink of a relationship, deciding how you feel and where you stand. The clubby vibe of the song lends a lightheartedness to what would otherwise be a distressing theme (shout out to any pop-punk bands who might want to cover this) and any listener can’t really help but take the attitude of “does it really matter anyways? /The bassline is my first love”. This track is also somewhat slower than some of Swick’s previous releases and a real testament to his skills as a producer and the malleability of his musical style.

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Keen for this mixtape to drop! Soon can’t come soon enough!

Words by Clare Neal