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Live Review: Kylie Minogue's 'Slow' gets sped up and reworked by Sweetland

22 May 2018 | 9:16 am | Holly O'Neill

After the Australian phenomenon played Berghain, Melbourne producer SWEETLAND gives KYLIE MINOGUE's 'Slow' a techno flip that would burn up it's dancefloors

While Australian sweetheart and musical icon KYLIE MINOGUE needs absolutely zero introduction, producer SWEETLAND however may need a wee bit of backstory. The Melbourne producer, along with releasing his own techno tunes, runs Bomphcast; a podcast focussing on up and comers in his local dance and electronic scene. Recently he revisited the Kylie classic, 'Slow' and was inspired to speed it up and give it a progressive rework.

Building off a thudding kick and skittering percussion the track slowly layers synths, drums and samples of the original to create a fitting soundscape for the seductive vocal. Even without the vocal line, this is still a killer track, as Sweetland builds an intense atmosphere with the help of distorted leads and intricate drum patterns.

Jacking the tempo up a few notches really serves the original track well, with the vocal line sounding like it was made for a rework just like this. Sweetland reinterprets the bass line of the original into jittery chords that pull the track along, and cut in breathy fills of vocals throughout, just in case you forgot this was originally a Kylie track. This 'Body Language Rework' feels just as sensuous and intoxicating as the original, yet it has a modern flair and addictive energy about it.

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Our Kylie has just wrapped up a few intimate shows across Europe including one at techno mecca, Berghain. Now along with being one of the few live acts that have graced its stages, she's got a remix that's bound to burn up its dance floors. Sweetland's Body Language Rework is now available as a free download on his soundcloud!

PHOTO BY Nick Sweetland