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Live Review: Superorganism's 'Night Time' gets an ominous rework from Danny L Harle

27 July 2018 | 8:16 am | Holly O'Neill

Megaband SUPERORGANISM is a project that brings an international family of eight musos together to create an optimistic take on our societal descent into dystopia. With an infectious optimism and twee pop sensibility, they laugh in the face of self seriousness and revel in the joy of music. It's so fitting then that the group would find a kinship with producer DANNY L HARLE, who counts CLAIRO and CARLY RAE JEPSEN among his collaborators and is known for simultaneously poking fun of and honouring pop and dance music in his work.

'Night Time', the closer of the band's debut album has just been remixed by the producer, who pushes the original's percussion all the way into drum and bass territory while exposing Superorganism's dark undertones. Right from the start, the ominous synths establish and we're exploring a whole new side of this track as vocalist Orono's youthful delivery cuts through. Known for his dense chords and huge synthesis, Harle doesn't disappoint here, layering high and low synth melodies and slo mo bass wubs. The peppy drum line of the original is shifted into high gear, contrasting the slow moving chords with a flurry of drum and bass percussion.

The twisted messages of Superorganism lyrics are usually hidden behind a veneer of singalong choruses and bright unusual sampling, but in this remix, the darkness is fully realised. The energy of the drums takes a backseat in the verses, as we hear of "Facebook propaganda" and "aimless websurfing" under spooky whispered chants of "wake up wake up wake up". The zeitgeist grabbing lyricism of the original turns dark under brooding synths that bubble below the track.

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Of the collaboration main vocalist, Orono said, “All of us are huge (wink wink) fans of Danny and his futuristic pop production skillz, particularly on his track ‘Me4U’... An even twinklier, dancier, sickening version of Night Time has been born.” Danny L Harle has twisted 'Night Time' into the true cautionary tale it should be, bringing out the darker side of one of pop's brightest acts.