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Live Review: St. South releases long-awaited Nervous Energy EP

2 December 2016 | 12:55 pm | Abbey Lenton

Fremantle solo artist St. South has churned her nervous energy into a long awaited five-track EP of soft synths and breathy vocals

Two years in the making and with a myriad of successful singles under her belt, ST. SOUTH’s Nervous Energy EP was always going to be a good one.

Fremantle’s Olivia Gavranich has been crafting her folk-flavoured electronica for years now, but 2016 has been a little different. With a substantial fan base and critical acclaim all to her name, this five-track collection has already been well received by the industry and fans alike.

‘Got Me’ was the first single to be released off Nervous Energy back in August, and was a dreamy first taste. A whimsical swirl of sound, ‘Got Me’ is a gentle lead-in to the rest of the track list.

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‘Why Wait’ is pained and melancholic, but in the most musically sweet way possible. Piano chords add to the drama, whilst the breathy vocals reinforce the ease of St. South’s sound. A rattle-like sound ticks its way through the melody, reminding the listener of the electronic elements that are sharpening this ballad-like song.

‘Swim’ is the next single, and it is a harmonically intricate creation. Definitely the poppiest track on the list, ‘Swim’ has a gorgeous structure to it that makes for gentle but catchy listening. The chorus’ lyrics make for an easy hook, one that is not difficult to imagine being sang by intimate crowds.

With a quirky and a rather erratic beat, ‘Lover’ feels as if all of the layers of a soul song have been stripped away, leaving only a beautiful voice and shimmying percussion. The song’s breakdown is a nonchalant approach to the genre, and sets ‘Lover’ aside as the coolest and most casual track on the EP.

The closing track ‘Another Way’s choral introduction is a gentle ease into Nervous Energy’s conclusion. A repeated saxophone-sound adds another essential element to the song. It smoothens the choppy beat and sophisticates the electronica.

St. South has churned her nervous energy into a gentle but cleverly constructed five-track EP.