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Live Review: Learn from Squidgenini's snappy new single 'Alligator'

23 April 2017 | 7:26 pm | Lloyd Crackett

Squidgenini's got animal noises, funky synths and one simple message on her latest single 'Alligator' - 'leave her the fuck alone'.

There are a lot of artists who give off that ‘I don’t give a fuck’ vibe. It’s appealing, common, and ultimately desirable. An artist should always be one step above and at the heart of it, an individual beyond compare. Bella AKA SQUIDGENINI, has exactly that vibe, but it doesn’t come with the pomp that is expected in a self-styled MC, nor the ego, even though a large section of her latest single is repeated lyrics of ‘leave me the fuck alone’. Squidgenini doesn’t give a fuck, and she isn’t turning her head back to check that you noticed. She just wants to be left the fuck alone while she spends her time figuring out how to expertly fill a song with bass and alligator bellows.

‘Alligator’ is her first release since her scorching track ‘Fire’, which showcased not only Squidgenini’s excellent electronic hip hop production skills, but the true range of her voice. Now, ‘Alligator’ is here to show that there is even more to be expected and adored from the Squid herself. A definite highlight of the song is momentary break into a casual statement, in response to repeated messages from a dude asking if she’d want to get a beer with him; ‘Dude, seriously if I haven’t respond to all those times you asked to get a beer. I really don’t wanna get a beer. Just please like, leave me the fuck alone.’ It isn’t a poetic approach to a problem, she isn’t hiding her intentions, she’s not playing hard to get. She isn’t there to get, no amount of persistence can change her mind. Leave her the fuck alone.

 The production of ‘Alligator’ is an interesting blend of staple hip hop elements, animal noises and a funky synth line. There are a myriad of sounds that underpin ‘Alligator,’ however it doesn’t over do it, the focus of the song is her clean and clear verses and the production compliments it all. The funky synth lines, the birds twiddling, the random roars and screeches create a soundscape for her overall message – not just ‘leave me alone’, but very importantly, leave me alone if I tell you to.

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The track is still smothered with beautiful vocal loops of Squid’s impeccable voice, regardless of her taking the MC position on this track, it’s impossible for her not to utilise her shockingly impressive range. It's an exciting taste of what is to come from Squidgenini, a singer, producer and in general - a young person who is making art to actively say something, even if it is the simple defiant message of 'I can make my own decisions on what I want.'

Squidgenini recently played the first of a new Brisbane club night presented by Grain and Bedlam Records called Why Thank You. While there aren’t any shows on the horizon, Squidgenini has a mixtape due for release at the end of the year followed by an east coast tour.