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Live Review: Sophiya exudes fierce confidence on 'White Ivory'

28 October 2018 | 5:58 pm | Max Lewis

On her rough-as-guts debut 'White Ivory', Melbourne rapper Sophiya introduces us to her fierce, uncompromising and defiant self.

There's a new force in the world of Aussie rap, and her name is SOPHIYA. Her rip-roaring debut 'White Ivory' tells you everything you need to know, and it does it through rapid-fire wordplay and beats that will knock your face clean off.

After a year's worth of work in her Melbourne studio, Sophiya has well and truly come out swinging on her debut.  Entirely self-produced and self-written, 'White Ivory' twists the braggadocious nature of rap on its head.  A no-holds-barred 2 minute ode to not giving a single heck, it's an absolutely phenomenal introduction to the utterly defiant Sophiya.

You know when a song starts with something like, “Too many bitches don’t like me, too many bitches tick me off like Nike,” you've got something buckwild on your hands. Over a booming low-end of trap-adjacent beats, Sophiya paints her manifesto of self-confidence and zero heter-tolerance with biting, rapid-fire flow. It's a big middle finger to toxic individuals, people who want to bring you down, and basically anyone that gets in your way; something you can put on to become the embodiment of 'un-fuck-with-able.'

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'White Ivory' is straight fire from start to finish, yet the hint of playfulness in the production and the over-the-top nature of her wordplay underpins it nicely. Self-confidence needs some self-awareness to balance that out, and Sophiya lives and breathes an aura of defiance without letting it get too on the nose. That takes chops, and it proves Sophiya definitely has what it takes to shake up the world of Aussie rap.


Words by MAX LEWIS