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Live Review: Solo Dan introduces himself with first release 'So Hey'

23 April 2017 | 7:57 pm | Freya Dinesen

Perth-based electro-pop producer SOLO DAN (Danny K) debuts his first release with 'So Hey'. Solo Dan is a new independent project outside of duo GRRL Pal.

Not much is known about Perth-based producer SOLO DAN, bar that he is one half of electro-pop duo Grrl Pal and that his debut single release ‘So Hey’ is pretty damn fantastic. Aptly christened SOLO DAN, this new independent project from Danny K actively reflects the artist’s deep love for pop music, with a definitive ode to 1990s and early 2000s sheeny electronic dance genres.

After spending the early months of 2017 working solidly on creations for his new venture, the first glimpse of Solo Dan has hit the mark fit and yonder. ‘So Hey’ is undeniably catchy, employing a highly effective electronic-dance-pop song structure with stellar production to offer us a lustrous and glossy track.

Using a combination of real and programmed instrumentation, ‘So Hey’ retains aspects of organic sounds to keep the vibe of the track delicately down to earth, while Danny K’s production prowess smoothly integrates an array of celestial and synthesised tones.

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‘So Hey’ sonically reflects a feel-good and uplifting dance tune, whereas Danny K’s vocals and lyrics throw in a bit of shade; initially conveying the enthusiastic feelings in the early stages of a mutual crush which then turns and doesn’t seem to be so mutual anymore.

More releases from Solo Dan can be expected later in the year, with a live show in development in addition to Danny K’s other performances and DJ gigs. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more from this highly talented lad!