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Live Review: SLUMBERJACK team up with Sydnee Carter on new single 'Poison'

2 October 2020 | 11:32 am | Claudia Fallon

Electronic duo SLUMBERJACK have released a new electric single 'Poison' alongside singer/songwriter Sydnee Carter that is completely entrancing.

Electronic duo SLUMBERJACK have released a new electric single titled 'Poison', featuring singer/songwriter Sydnee Carter, delivering the full force of their collective talent in this energetic and enigmatic tune that brings forth some of the best sounds in EDM.

Intertwining darker elements that have a brooding touch, SLUMBERJACK feature some of their best production to date with spine-tingling sounds. Weaving a tapestry of hypnotic electronic music, exhilarating drops, electrifying synths, and atmospheric beats, this absolute banger is packed with all the essential elements for a dancefloor in a pandemic-free future. Delivering a sense of tension that builds throughout, 'Poison' leaves a bittersweet touch with moody soundscapes and soulful vocals that draw you in with every new verse. Exploring new territories with the darker sounds in this track, Sydnee proves to be an exceptional addition to this electronic dream evoking a sense of emotion and intensity with the mix of energy from both artists. Sure to send shockwaves through a crowd in the (hopefully) near future, this club-ready tune is set to get you up and moving in a flash.

Experimenting with different musical genres, Carter admits the song was a new venture and a definite change of pace from her usual sound. “With this track I was totally inspired by writing something different, the vibe of the song was quite dark and coincidentally at that time I was binge-watching the TV series ‘Supernatural’. I found being involved in writing something outside of my comfort zone very exciting and we were all stoked with the end result.”

SLUMBERJACK's sublime execution and production on this song reverberate throughout the music with the addition of Sydnee's vocals making this a standout track. The duo spoke about their refined sound that is heard throughout 'Poison' shedding light on their progression as one of Australia's finest electronic acts. “It’s been a long time since we’ve felt this in tune with a track - it represents everything we’ve been working towards as musicians over the years...Musically it’s a step into a new era, bringing with us all the amazing stuff we’ve learnt along the way. And of course the incredible vocals of Sydnee Carter who we knew we had to work with again.”

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Working alongside Sydnee in the past on their 2017 track 'Afraid, Unafraid' from their EP Fracture, this new collaboration is a huge step up for the duo. Following a string of remixes and releases this year, SLUMBERJACK brings the party back to 2020. Dedicating themselves to songwriting throughout isolation, we're sure to hear a stack of new music from them in no time.


Image: Supplied