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Live Review: Mall Grab & Skin On Skin serve up a hardcore introduction to collaborative music on their upcoming EP

10 October 2019 | 3:07 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

The pair have decided to tear more ear drums apart, announcing a collaborative EP set to release on Mall Grab’s imprint, Looking For Trouble. 

There’s a lot of potential for alliteration when it comes to describing a duo as profound and iconic as Skin On Skin and Mall Grab. ‘Destructive Duo’, ‘Debaucherous Duo’, ‘Dangerous Duo’ some might even say highly ‘Dateable Duo’. These all come to mind when attempting to describe the Steel City Dance Discs alumni Skin On Skin and Mall Grab. Both the hottest club DJs in Australia at the moment, the pair have decided to tear more ear drums apart, announcing a collaborative EP set to release on Mall Grab’s imprint, Looking For Trouble

Both hurling through with a bit of form, the EP is set to be both their biggest yet. Skin On Skin’s ‘Multiply’ was a defining underground hit, and Mall Grab’s relentless release schedule has given him an excuse to tour consistently across the globe.

It’s a split EP in terms of structure, with each producer given an original and a remix to play with.

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Heading the EP is a collaborative original from the pair titled ‘Strangers’. A tender welcome to the EP, the track is a timid introduction to the collaborative work of the often abrasive pair. Ringing, distant keys and a classic drum line welcome you into the ethereal journey of ‘Strangers’. Open mellow synths and a wicked vocal sample hold the track together. Its moody bass line rumbles, adding extra angst to the already existential journey it is. A grand piano ends the track out, highlighting, if you hadn’t already noticed the sonic flare of Skin on Skin and Mall Grab

After a warm humble welcoming, comes the speaker destruction.

Mall Grab's contributions to the EP are rhythm heavy, high tempo turbo tunes. His original "?" is a borderline happy hardcore thumper. Opening ferociously with a heavy kick, the track is a lesson in abrasive percussion. A grime staples its top end together, before a horror themed top line takes the reigns. It's a feral beast of a track, set to alight TN bubbles globally.

Skin On Skin matches this untamed song creation with his original, 'Got Me Fucked Up'. Again, a repetitive distinct vocal sample leads the way above some wobbly acid breaks. He lets the melodies do the talking, giving breathing space to a chaotic bass line and melody. It's builds, peaks, settles and triumphs, all building to the simple conclusion of ravaging ear drums and causing headaches.

'Strangers' is a tumultuous introduction to an extremely exciting future of collaboration between Mall Grab and Skin On Skin. Casual listeners beware, this is not for the feint hearted.

The EP is out November 7th, cop a preorder now here.