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Live Review: Skin On Skin goes two for two on new EP, 'Get Some Understanding!'

24 March 2020 | 2:22 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Skin On Skin quite simply, creates burners. Get Some Understanding! is one of the strongest Australian dance floor destructing EPs of recent times.

Skin On Skin quite simply, creates burners. His follow up to his highly impressive Steel City Dance Discs debut, Get Some Understanding!, is out this week and is one of the strongest Australian dance floor destructing EPs in recent times. Released on his own imprint, Stay On Sight Recordings, the EP features three sought-after heavy hitters and one collaboration with Melbourne based WILLARIS. K. Teased in sets across the country for over a year, the long awaited EP delivers on all fronts.

Opening the EP is title track, 'Get Some Understanding!' and gosh does it set the tone well. Turbo quick drum lines combine with rave focussed low lines. A fundamental characteristic of the EP is also introduced as defiant and in your face toned down vocal chops permeate the track. Throw in some ravey arps and synths and you have yourself a fully fledged, fully ignorant late night floor stomper. The following two tracks continue on this trajectory without fault. 'Opps on Tha Block' is the sort of track you are too afraid to play too loudly in a neighbourhood setting. Grandiose rave synths mirror a stank face inducing slapping bass line. The track's second drop is the highlight of the EP, as the elements warp around big, overly dubbed break drums.

'I Understand BS Fluently but I Can't Speak It' has been the highlight of every Skin on Skin on set for the past few years. Also played by Jensen Interceptor, Kettama and Partiboi69, its amazing to finally hear its sonics in full force. A hilarious vocal sample is the staple for this sonic adventure through the depths of a sweaty house party garage.

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Closing the EP is 'Be Calm', the introduction to the collaborative work of Willaris K. and Skin on Skin. When I say this one's special, I mean it. Synths, synths, synths and more synths create an swirling dance floor anthem. The atmosphere created is one just as much of nostalgia and emotion as it is pure hedonistic dance. It's the sort of track you'd expect to hear towards the end of a set that makes you grab your mate by the shoulders and just say, "Holy shit, what are we witnessing?!" As the EP closes, it gives you a rare chance to breath and reflect. 'Be Calm', while not calm at all, brings you back down to earth, reminding you of the beauty of dance music.

With Get Some Understanding!Skin On Skin rightfully takes his place at the forefront of dance music coming out of Australia right now, and now with his imprint he's set to really make his mark. Stay on Sight Recordings will serve as a home to his own future releases, as well as a collaborative community for the S.O.S. friends and family.

Skin On Skin, congratulations, you have not missed. Two for two stellar dance releases.

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