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Live Review: Introducing Astral People Recordings' latest signing, Skeleten

27 August 2020 | 12:14 pm | Emma Jones

Joining the likes of Wave Racer, Stevan and Milan Ring, Sydney producer, musician and vocalist Skeleten is the latest signing to Astral People Recordings.

Joining the likes of Wave RacerStevan and Milan Ring, Sydney producer, musician and vocalist Skeleten is the latest signing to Astral People Recordings. His first foray, 'Mirrored', is a delicate and gentle earworm, and a very exciting first impression indeed.

Having cut his teeth in Sydney’s tight-knit electronic community, Skeleten's debut single is a hypnotic, introspective and multi-faceted contemplation on connection and identity. Released alongside a self-made visualiser, it's an interesting snapshot of what we might be able to expect from the project. With gradually building synths and a persistent drumline, Skeleten's soft vocals float above the steady groove. The project's inception was from a place of meditation and a desire to create without pretense, so it's fitting that this first introduction is as meditative and uncomplicated as it is. Impressive from start to finish, despite the openness of the project, the earnest and genuine intent behind the music makes for a universal feeling despite its personal nature. Striking a chord with you from the first few seconds, 'Mirrored' is a testament to Skeleten's lengthy history in the underground of Sydney music in just how quickly the song connects, and how long it remains with you after its done.

Skeleten said of his new single, “‘Mirrored’ always seemed like the right introduction as I guess it kind of reflects the project in a way; connecting with the world and sinking into your experience of it as the only way to actually see yourself...Skeleten is a bit of a meditation for me. It came from nothing more than just making music that resonates with what I'm feeling and really enjoying the process.”

He continued, saying, “For the first time, I was really just making music with absolutely no intention, just doing exactly what felt good in the moment. It was only after I had all these ideas floating around that I started to realise how much it sounded like me, and maybe understand a little of what I was getting at.”

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Given his signing to Astral People Recordings, we could place a safe bet on there being plenty more where this came from. And, if what still remains sounds half as good as this, we'd also bet we're in for something seriously special. Astral People have carved out a spot for themselves in the Australian music landscape as bonafide tastemakers with a collective ear for quality, forward-thinking music, and Skeleten is the latest example of how on point they remain. We can't wait to hear more.

Listen to 'Mirrored' below:

'Mirrored' is out now via Astral People Recordings. Buy/stream here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image by Imogen Grist