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Live Review: Shouse gift another throwback release with 'Without You'

10 April 2017 | 4:06 pm | Freya Dinesen

Melbourne house collaboration duo SHOUSE drop another feel-good throwback single, 'Without You', featuring guest vocals from Rachel.

Collaborative lads Ed Service (IO) and Jack Madin (The Harpoons) have released another throwback dance jam under their side project, SHOUSE. This is the duo’s third single release, this time featuring guest vocals from Rachel.

‘Without You’ really pays homage to 1990s house and electronic dance vibes, employing a tasty hoard of classic drum samples and lush synth pads. The bassline is a total killer, almost definitely channelling some of Haddaway’s ‘What Is Love’; which seamlessly ties together a multitude of instrument textures with Rachel’s soft vocals.

Shouse have gracefully layered soft ambience in the verse sections, separating from the heavier drops and drive of the chorus to create a beautifully complex strata of tones that sustain plenty of space without overloading the production.

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Whilst retaining a strong sense of the duo’s musical identity and displaying similar aesthetics to their previous two singles, ‘Support Structure’ and ‘Whisper’, ‘Without You’ presents a more buoyant sentiment and somewhat steers away from the ultra-lo-fi basement vibes of their previous releases.

This tune really embeds itself into your headspace with its incredibly catchy vocal lines that are far more about sound than lyrics. 'Without You' effortlessly cruises along in a carefree pipedream back to the reminiscent decades of 80’s and 90’s electronic dance.