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Live Review: SHOUSE team up with Martha Brown to soundtrack a moody Uber ride on 'Text Apology'

10 November 2017 | 12:12 pm | Holly O'Neill

A warm RnB tinged dream, 'Text Apology' ft Martha plays heartfelt intimate vocals against echoing chords and idiosyncratic percussion.

SHOUSE, aka Jack Madin and Ed Service, have been active members of Melbourne's flourishing electronic scene for years. Through collaboration and showcasing local talent in their OPENSHOUSE parties, they're building a real community in their town as well as fertile grounds for new ideas. In their new single, 'Text Apology', they explore some of these ideas, moving away from their deep house sound to explore more ambient, experimental territory. 'Text Apology' is a warm, RnB-tinged dream featuring the vocals of Martha Brown, also known as Banoffee, against bassy phone buzzes and warm synths.

The track is stripped bare, building off a foundation of echoing pads and distant percussion. Brown's breathy vocals set the scene for a dreamy soundscape, as layers of her own harmonies interplay with SHOUSE's moody chords and idiosyncratic production.

'Text Apology' feels like a modernised version of a 90's slow jam, with a funky bass guitar line and nostalgic drum machine hits towards the end, cementing the vibe. The lyrics, recounting intimate text messages and confessions of feelings, are reminiscent of that brand of sensuous RnB as they float from ear to ear.

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The downtempo beats and percussive fills play against the vocals, with the entire mood of the song transmitting that languid feeling after a night out where you're at your most vulnerable. Perfectly articulating those hazy emotions in the early hours of the morning in the most wholesome way, Brown offers "emotional support" to a mystery texter. Her delivery is heartfelt, with every syllable and vocal fill brimming with undisclosed feelings.

With this collaboration with Martha Brown, SHOUSE have brought their sonic palette to a whole new genre. This talented duo has a knack for creating all encompassing tracks for the club and your trip home from it.

'Text Apology' by SHOUSE ft Martha is available to stream here.