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Live Review: Shamir returns with ode to independence on 'On My Own'

11 June 2020 | 5:01 pm | Emma Jones

Shamir has returned with one of his best singles yet in the grungy, cathartic 'On My Own', taken from his new album out later this year.

SHAMIR has made his return today with 'On My Own', a triumphant celebration of owning one's independence. Cathartic and heartfelt, 'On My Own' draws inspiration from that moment after a break up when you know you're gonna be okay after all. It's also one of Shamir's best songs.

Fuzzed-out, grungy guitars and melodic synths underpin the song while Shamir's voice soars, singing his liberating lyrics with gusto. Speaking with Rolling Stone about the release, he said there is also an album on the way and it will be his "most commercial sounding" music since the 2015 record, Ratchet. He also spoke with the publication about how while the song was initially a break up song, it has since taken on a new meaning with the world in a global period of quarantine and isolation.

“I wrote ‘On My Own’ last summer after a breakup as a way to remind myself that while it sucked to lose someone I was getting used to, at least I’m an introvert...But considering the pandemic, it’s also morphed into an accidental quarantine anthem, especially for the people who live alone like me,” he said.

Following on from March's Cataclysm, marking his sixth album, Shamir remains prolific without ever wavering in quality. 'On My Own' is one of my favourite songs of this year and it's been out for not even a full 24 hours of writing. There is something about the Sky Ferreria-esque hook, the gritty guitars and thudding beat that effortlessly distills the total emancipation that Shamir sings about in this song, and when paired with his iconic vocals, it is undoubtedly a winning combination.

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Watch 'On My Own' below:

Words by Emma Jones