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Live Review: SG Lewis recruits Robyn and Channel Tres for star-studded certified bop, 'Impact'

6 August 2020 | 9:11 am | Emma Jones

SG LEWIS has recruited none other than Robyn and Channel Tres for a brand new single ready made for thriving dancefloors.

Just a few months ago, we heard from SG LEWIS in the form of the funk-filled kaleidoscopic groove-pop jam, 'Chemicals'. Alongside the single's release, he confirmed his long-awaited debut album was finally on the way, and today we have been gifted another single to get us further acquainted with the record. However, this isn't just any old single. Featuring none other than emotional-pop queen herself ROBYN and rising hip hop/electronic star CHANNEL TRES, this is one of the biggest posse cuts of the year and we're confident in saying it definitely lives up to the hype.

SG LEWIS isn't exactly a stranger to big names. He's got a production credit on DUA LIPA's fan-favourite 'Hallucinate' from her early-2020 album, Future Nostalgia, and has worked with the likes of CLAIROTOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURSALUNAGEORGE and more. Even on 'Chemicals', he tapped Chad Hugo of N.E.R.D and The Neptunes for a that addictive synth line, but to have Robyn and Channel Tres on the same track is indeed a serious feat.

From the start, the most notable element is just how FUN it is to listen to. Kicking off with Robyn's legendary vocals, the track gets right down to business with the now quintessential SG LEWIS bass line and Channel Tres' own one-of-a-kind vocals. With synths that are reminiscent of the bloghaus era, crisp beats and swirling atmospherics, the song builds and builds to euphoric heights. It's emotional and immediately pulls you in, with SG providing refined, sophisticated production (with co-production efforts courtesy of TEED as well!) and rising to the occasion of having these two on his song. It's also ready made for packed dancefloors, and will surely be rinsed whenever we can return to them.

In a press statement, SG Lewis said, “Impact is possibly my favourite record I’ve ever been a part of. The chemistry between Channel and Robyn is so powerful, and creates something so unique. Channel is an artist I believe will go on to create a musical legacy as important as the one Robyn has already created, and to have the two of them on this record together is insane. Working with my good friend TEED again on the production is amazing, as he is truly a production hero of mine. I hope it provides some release and euphoria in a time where it’s hard to come by.”

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“Impact is about how someone can come into your life and completely change you either for better or worse.” says Channel Tres; “In this instance it was for the better and I’m going through the emotions of denying something that’s obviously good for me but the hurt I’ve been through in my past causes me to put up defense mechanisms. While I’m putting up the defenses, the person trying to love me pursues me consistently and this impacts my life in so many ways.”

Robyn also offered comment, saying, “Sam made this instant thing, it´s a special skill to make a song that hits you right away the way Impact does. The track just gave me the feels and it wasn´t hard to write a chorus to it, especially with Channels vocals on there already. Channel Tres came on tour with us last year so I know how strong he is on stage and hopefully some time in the future we will get to be on stage together, with Sam, performing this song.”

While we don't have a date yet for the release of his debut album, there is no denying that SG LEWIS is well and truly making his mark on 2020. We cannot get enough. Listen to 'Impact' below:

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied