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Live Review: Set Mo's latest, 'See The Light', is their grittiest work yet

11 July 2018 | 8:46 am | Jackson Langford

Set Mo have taken on a real challenge - drop one track per month. We're at the seventh month now, but 'See The Light' might be their best single yet.

Sydney electronic duo SET MO have always been breaking new ground with every release. Their incredible versatility and fearlessness to dive into sounds that they haven't before is inspiring, and almost always ends up in a product that breathes new life into the Set Mo sound.

However, this year the duo has taken on a real challenge - drop one track per month. We're at the seventh month right now, but after listening to 'See The Light', it's fair to say that they'll be hard pressed to top this one.

A lot of what Set Mo has done up to this point has been soaring, glittering, festival-ready bangers - and that's a craft they've completely mastered. However, the refreshing thing about 'See The Light' is how it's really the antithesis of all of that. Of course, it's still going to go off in any club or at any festival, but there's a darkness and a grittiness that swirls around 'See The Light' that really captures your attention.

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The vocals are airy and powerful, but it's the glitchy, searing chorus that really makes the track stand out. It gives the entire song a haunting and ominous feel. It bubbles and boils under the increasingly distorted vocals, with the percussion growing more intense with each passing second. It's a listening experience that really grabs your whole attention and never lets go.

'See The Light' is out now on Set Mo Records.

Image: Supplied