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Live Review: Set Mo set to drop a new track every month starting with 'Nightmares' feat. Scott Quinn

5 February 2018 | 10:40 am | Max Lewis

Sydney electronic duo Set Mo have dropped a hurried club cut 'Nightmares' ft Scott Quinn, the first of their 'one track a month' project.

After a mammoth year full of touring and writing, Sydney duo SET MO (aka Nick Drabble Stu Turner) have started 2018 with one hell of a bang. They've dropped 'Nightmares' featuring UK artist Scott Quinn, alongside the announcement that they'll be dropping one new track on the first Friday of every month. That's 11 whole tracks to look forward to this year, and if 'Nightmares' is par for the course, we're in for one hell of a year.

Dreamy and thick electronica has been Set Mo's bread and butter, with tracks like 2017's outstanding single, 'I Belong Here' ft. Woodes further exemplifying their niche of reverb heavy, club-approved jams. As the first taste of a massive year of music from the duo, 'Nightmares' showcases a much darker direction the duo are yet to explore.

Straight away something feels different; where Set Mo's percussion is usually soft and warm, 'Nightmares' starts right away with piercing hats and snares. When the kick comes in you almost most feel like the instrumental will morph into a drum-and-bass cut but it doesn't. Rather, some half-step hats alongside a pulsing bassline create a hurried pace that doesn't let up, neatly reflecting the turmoil presented by the vocals. It's a prominent change for the duo; where their earlier songs luxuriated, 'Nightmares' speeds past with a much more minimal yet way more striking sound that barely surpasses three minutes.

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It's always refreshing to see a music act flip the script on their craft, and Set Mo have done it flawlessly, turning their normally chill house sound on its head in favour of an anxiety-ridden dance cut. If every track due out this year shakes things up like 'Nightmares' does, Set Mo are sure to top themselves again and again. If you want a sneak preview of what's to come, the duo are embarking on a massive tour of Australia and New Zealand in March. Hitting up major cities and regional locations alike, you're sure to get a chance to boogie to these electronic maestros - check out the dates/tickets right here.