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Live Review: PREMIERE: Let Serein cure what ails you with their irresistibly smooth 'Slow Dance'

30 November 2017 | 10:03 am | Jackson Langford

From the opening hypnotic melodies of 'Slow Dance', it doesn't take long to realise that SEREIN already have you under their spell. It's bewitching from the jump as you melt into your chair, your eyes closing, and your mind being thrust into a sublime paradise of vivid colour, flecks of gold and a melodic onslaught that slips away from you all too quickly.

Serein, comprised of vocalist Tiff Fung and producer Benny Boi, polymerise their skills in the most restrained yet magical way that it's almost addictive. Fung's gorgeous, rich voice drips over every synth and bassline with subtlety so intriguing it commands your attention. "Remember the old times / How could we let them go?" she sings ruefully, documenting an all-too familiar yearning for the way things once were.

Benny Boi's lush production compliments Fung's vocals in just the right way. While it doesn't ever overshadow her rich voice or the vivid themes embedded in the lyrics, the strutting bassline, fairy-tale synths and the build to the subdued yet powerful climax act as the perfect framework for 'Slow Dance' to unfold. Each moment is an electrifying waltz between melting lyrics and bubbling synths. It's entrancing and spellbinding, but the curse that Serein have put on you with these glorious three and a half minutes is one you're not going to want to wake up from.

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Image: Supplied