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Live Review: Seekae 'Test And Recognise' (HWLS Remix)

7 July 2014 | 8:25 pm | Lauren Payne

HWLS have released their first remix for Seekae's track 'Test And Recognise'.

We love HWLS, the collaborative project of TA-KU and KIT POP, and we love SEEKAE  so of course we're going to this meeting of sounds...

HWLS have been a bit mysterious with all of their recent material. Numbering their original tracks instead of naming them and not giving us any indication of when a debut EP or LP will be released, you never know what the Perth men are getting up too these days and that's why we were so excited when their first remix as HWLS emerged.

SEEKAE on the other hand haven't exactly been secretive, but more so productive as they are getting ready to embark on a national tour throughout August. The act released their track 'Test And Recognise' as part of their LP The Worry back in June. It's definitely an experimental track that uses a lot of deep vocals and scattered samples to create an interesting melody that only SEEKAE could dream up. The harmonies that echo across the track are slightly haunting and the synths used kind of take you by surprise, HWLS have reworked the track and tweaked a few bits and pieces to produce something that goes down very smoothly.

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A slow build up opens into a track with brooding synths and one steady beat that snaps in time. Unlike the original mix, 'Test And Recognise' now is very simple and velvety with the synths sliding across the sound scape with vocal samples popping in and out until SEEKAE's harmonies take over.

Words by Lauren Payne