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Live Review: Seekae 'Test & Recognise' (Flume Re-work)

25 July 2014 | 12:00 am | Hannah Galvin

Flume has replaced the original themes and mood of Seekae's 'Test & Recognise' with his own interpretation of the track.

Sydney three piece SEEKAE announced the release of their third full-length The Worry to be available this September through Future Classic. Having already released its singles 'Another' and 'Test & Reognise', label mate FLUME has since re-worked the latter; performing as a completely new tune.

Originally launching with a The Knife-esque metallic, glittery downpour, Flume has dumbed down the intricacies with an emotive keyline, shuddering with vulnerability as it opens up with its unsettlement. With these differing intros acting as just the front gates to two completely separate houses of sound, you'll learn that the only similarity between Flume's re-work and Seekae's original is that both tunes see their own respective melodies and themes the entire way through.

Exchanging the choir-like reverberation for a singular vocal to simplify the lyric, Flume has drastically changed the face of 'Test & Recognise' with its alterations, resulting in a much more private experience for those travelling on the five minute listening journey.

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Seekae's single 'Test & Recognise' is the fourth track of the group's forthcoming record The Worry. With an expected release date of 12th September (via Future Classic), the outfit will be launching the aforementioned single this August. Grab Flume's re-work of 'Test & Recognise' for a free digital download off his SOUNDCLOUD.

Words by Hannah Galvin.