Live Review: Shlohmo 'Emerge From Smoke'

16 December 2014 | 1:47 pm | Isabella T

Shlohmo delivers new dark r'n'b tinged single 'Emerge From Smoke' that is sure to go down as one his best releases.


SHLOHMO’s new track, Emerge From Smoke, sounds exactly as the name suggests. It begins with soft beats and foggy synths that are not fully realised. But as the song plods along, and the sounds loose their hazy, cloudy facade, we are delivered an unearthly dive into trap influenced trip hop that whilst cold in nature, is rich in eclectic composition and atmosphere.

You’ve got to hand to Shlohmo - he’s definitely one dance artist that he’s stuck to his guns throughout his career. Sure he’s sound has matured since 2011’s critically adored full length, Bad Vibes, but he’s kept his experimental edge, continuing to carve out ambient soulful electronica that has kept the interest of the music world and his fans. His songs seem like a reactionary act against current trends within house and dubstep - with Shlohmo instead favouring cathartic slow jams that reach the soul.

Recently, Shlohmo been in collaborative mode, working alongside some of the most exciting and innovative artists within the alternative r’n’b genre. 2014 saw the L.A Producer team up with Def Jam Recordings newest star Jermiah on the No More EP. The vocalist's smooth vocals were a winning combo to Shlohmo's dense, fuzzed out production.

He's also laid his hands on production with Bank's sultry slow burner Brain. And further back, in 2013, Shlohmo got busy with How To Dress Well’s Tom Krell, who provided his soul-churning falsetto to Shlohmo’s Laid Out EP. I can’t help but notice in this latest solo output the influence of those collaborative efforts, with a touch of r n b weaving its way through the sounds’ crescendo in the later part of the track. 

Shlohmo’s emerging from the smoke, with a slightly evolved sound of r’n’b tinged, ghostly hypnosis that reminds us all why this young L.A talent is remaining as relevant as ever. 


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