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Live Review: Samsaruh is ethereal and captivating on 'Beautiful Killer'

4 December 2017 | 10:56 am | Max Lewis

Melbourne artist Samsaruh is back with 'Beautiful Killer', her sophomore single and an enthralling mix of alternative heaviness with electronic charm.

As 2017 draws to a close, Melbourne artist SAMSARUH is keeping her mammoth success going with ‘Beautiful Killer’. Co-created with Nightflare and mixed by Tony Buchan, the track is powerful, heavy, and catchy as all get out, and a great follow-up to her debut, ‘Golden to Thrive.’

Like ‘Golden to Thrive’ this track combines a heavier, rock-ish sound with a myriad of electronic elements and effects, creating a fascinating sonic balance you want to head-bang and dance to at the same time. ‘Beautiful Killer’ dials that particular dial up to eleven right off the bat with some snappy, almost gunshot-like drums and sinister electric guitar, with some syncopated cowbells thrown in for good, funky measure. Where ‘Golden to Thrive’ luxuriated, ‘Beautiful Killer’ pounds away with determination.

It’s the chorus where Samsaruh’s expert songwriting and intense vocals mix with the production in an unforgettable way. The titular vocal hook soars above a wave of glittery synths, while the melodic progression stays irresistibly catchy while still evoking the bittersweet feeling of being with someone you know you shouldn’t be. Whether this person is Samsaruh herself or someone else is a different story.

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It’s hard to put a finger on exactly why, but the track strikes a 90s vibe with me that ticks all the right boxes – a mix between the alternative vibe of Garbage with the futuristic, ethereal electronics of Banks. ‘Beautiful Killer’ is a truly entrancing sophomore single and irrefutable proof of Samsaruh’s songwriting talents.