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Live Review: Sammy Bananas 'Money Time' ft. Antony & Cleopatra

8 October 2014 | 3:53 pm | Cheryl Billman

Sammy Bananas has come into his own with this slippery, pure pop goodness spurred by London duo Anthony & Cleopatra's husky vocals.

SAMMY BANANAS maintains that he still hasn’t gone bananas. It’s undeniable, however, that since the release of his debut EP, ‘Flexin’ on Fool’s Gold, the ever-bespectacled Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and saxophonist has come into his own, ready to take the spotlight in a big way.

His latest release, ‘Money Time’, is set to kickstart his tour across the US – and your summer party season. The exterior of the song is slippery to the touch, but the body is gooey, sticky pop goodness so well-executed, it needn’t be a guilty pleasure.

Atypical of Banana’s catalogue, it’s driven by husky vocal work by London duo Antony & Cleopatra, an ambling beat and unique, nostalgic production touches that meld the best of house, disco and R&B. The result is – maybe unintentionally, maybe not – the musical embodiment of Nineties club kid culture: a little ostentatious, a little reckless, a little glamorous, a little flawed, but ultimately so overwhelmingly fun that you’re irrevocably swept up in its enthusiasm.

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The fun doesn’t stop there: be sure to look in at the remixes that Fool’s Gold has released alongside. Boston producer Durkin has flipped the track on its head, using Sammy Banana’s carefully-arranged confection to create a grimy remix that showcases the versatility of the track’s vocals, while Option4 has honed in on the track’s house undercurrent, creating something smooth, slick and sultry.