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Live Review: LISTEN: Sammy Bananas 'Flexin' EP

23 January 2014 | 11:28 am | Nick Luke

Brooklyn based Sammy Bananas has released his debut EP through the legendary Fool's Gold label. Come get a taste of Bananas right now, man.

The legendary label out of the good ol' USA FOOL's GOLD, brainchild of DJ/producer A-TRAK has detonated the game with their latest stunning release, bringing a simple Brooklyn-based Banana-man into the spotlight. Yep, that's right - SAMMY BANANAS is here, and what an entrance he's made.

Ok, first off let's get this straight: SAMMY BANANAS has been making noise for a little bit, putting out bootlegs and low-key remixes here and there for a few years now. But, it's only now that Mr. BANANAS has made his debut into the world of publicly releasing completely OG material.

His debut 'Flexin' EP boasts huge silken tones of disco pop and R&B, all rolled into one big fat slice of hip-shaking house music.

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Four tracks long, the release doesn't over stay it's welcome, it leaves us wanting more in a good way.

SAMMY BANANAS keeps us hooked all the way through, changing up the vibe enough to keep things fresh and satisfying, whether it's from the party-inducing, tongue-in-cheek MIDI brass of the title track 'Flexin' or the velvet-draped depths of 'Feel House', which features a vocal cut from label-mate DANNY BROWN's 'Fields'.

Go get a taste of some BANANAS right now over on the FOOL'S GOLD SoundCloud, or you can purchase it through iTunes! By the way, aren't you glad I didn't make a "It's so good, it's BANANAS," joke throughout this whole article? Me too.

Words by Nick Luke