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Live Review: It's time for you to completely focus on Sam Bluer's 'Shift'

10 May 2018 | 4:43 pm | Jackson Langford

It's a true luxury when a pop debut comes along that is so fully realised and so well-fleshed out as SAM BLUER and 'Shift' is.

Sometimes, there's a real beauty in feeling solitude, especially after an extensive amount of time yearning for it. It's those brief moments you have to yourself when you can think it all through, or not think at all. It's even more refreshing when someone is honest to you about their need for solitude. SAM BLUER explores both of these concepts in his debut single, 'Shift', and has given it a perfect, glittery pop veneer.

'Shift' makes up for its brevity in the fact that it does not stop packing punches. Bluer's voice is rich, silky, clear and overflowing with sex appeal, which matches the beaming synths that carry the verses along. As he sings "Shift your connection from the typical/A million directions for where we can go," he's pleading that the person he's with just chills out for a sec. He sings it with a coolness and a calmness that assures us he's coming out of whatever the connection is fine either way.

The chorus is also completely unrelenting in its layering. With each new listen, there's another element to the chorus that is left for you to discover, whether it be the rapid-fire synths or the distant rolling drum beat. That meticulous production comes courtesy of TIGERILLA - who has made quite the name for himself in his own right - who completely elevates Bluer's voice to highest of highs. Couple that with the stunning co-writing from MARIBELLE and YAAK and it's clear that we well and truly have been blessed with a hit.

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It's a true luxury when a pop debut comes along that is so fully realised as Sam Bluer and 'Shift' is. The depth that flows beautifully around each word he sings, and that leaves us with plenty of room to discover more with every return listen, is a trait most veterans are yet to perfect. Sam Bluer has done it with his first try, and if your attention hasn't been shifted squarely on him now, then you truly must be too blind.

Image: Supplied