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Live Review: Sam Bluer and Oh Boy link up for a dance RnB bop on 'Love Me Right'

16 November 2017 | 11:58 am | Holly O'Neill

Sydney producer and jersey club fanboy turned pop dance pioneer, OH BOY, is back with a peppy new single. 'Love Me Right' follows in the same vein as the producer's last team up with MALLRAT, creating a dense and idiosyncratic soundscape that's prime for collaboration. On this track, he's joined forces with SAM BLUER, a Melbourne vocalist who's getting ready to drop his solo debut next year. Together they've created a sweet nu-RnB bop that combines Oh Boy's poppy production chops with the help of Bluer's vocal prowess.

Undulating chords kick everything off, providing a steady foundation for Sam Bluer to croon over. His sensuous vocals are a perfect fit for the glossy production, channelling RnB flavours and showing off his range in the harmonies and fills. The production on this track is more future house than jersey club, but still keeps those rubbery pads and unique sampling Oh Boy is known for.

Warm synth stabs work in tandem with the tinny percussion in the chorus, changing up the groove so you can't help but bop to it. The song never stays static for too long, changing between full speed and half time and switching it up with that swung syncopation in the chords and the drums.

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The bouncy bass in the choruses and future house grooves of the production make for an addictive pop track that's prime for moving your bod to. 'Love Me Right' is a brilliant collaboration between pals Oh Boy and Sam Bluer, which further proves the producer's pop dance chops and has us keen for the vocalist's official debut! Give it a stream here.

If you're heading to The Plot in Sydney on the 18th of November be sure to check out Oh Boy's set, where he's bound to drop this fresh one along with all of his other bubblegum infused pop dance grooves.

Image: Supplied