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Live Review: Sahara Beck redefines art-pop with new single, 'Here We Go Again'

14 August 2018 | 10:55 am | Emma Jones

I love when an artist shakes things up and heads in an entirely new direction, completely blasting anyone's preconceptions of them out of the water and totally nailing it when they do. One such artist is Brisbane's SAHARA BECK, and with her brand new single, 'Here We Go Again', she's re-introduced us to herself in an utterly electrifying way.

Starting off with some gentle harmonies, the softness of the first few seconds might trick you into thinking she's taking things slow, but once her unique, echoing vocals ring out over the gentle waves, you know she's not here to play. Booming drums and keys add to Beck's defiance as her self-assurance oozes through her soaring vocals, intimate lyrics and dominating arrangement. Taking her indie pop roots and twisting them and turning them inside out, she emerges triumphant in her newfound direction.

Not shying away for even a second, Sahara Beck lays it all out on the floor for everyone to see, saying, "This is me." There's something so infectious about how emboldened she sounds not just in the enormous hook but the dynamic verses, making an impactful statement and putting everyone on alert.

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"The song's a love letter to myself. I thought I should write one just for me for a change. It's saying you should love others, but don't let anyone drag you down or suck the good energy out of you," Sahara Beck said of her song, and it's this message and this energy that makes 'Here We Go Again' so powerful. Already in possession of such an impressive resume including an album two EPs, festival appearances at Falls and Bluesfest, support slots with Paul Kelly and Ball Park Music and a bunch of Queensland Music Awards. With this new direction and steadfast vision of who she is, I can't wait to see what she does next.


4-7 SEPTEMBER, 2018


Image by Michelle Pitiris

Words by Emma Jones