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Live Review: Sage Armstrong takes on Anna Lunoe in a 'Radioactive' remix

14 February 2017 | 5:43 pm | Abbey Lenton

Anna Lunoe's 'Radioactive' has been remixed as part of a new EP, and Sage Armstrong's take on the track shines like a bright green nuclear beam.

ANNA LUNOE dropped the track 'Radioactive' last year, and it shone like a bright green nuclear beam. Opening up the track to a select few producers and DJs, the Radioactive (Remixes) EP is complete with some really solid interpretations of the original tune. But it is SAGE ARMSTRONG's take on the track that has really got us listening.

In signature Anna Lunoe style, 'Radioactive' is a spirited dance floor number that bounces the whole way through. Complete with clapping percussion and a memorable vocal hook, the track is a ripper of a standalone tune, as well as a promising framework for a remix.

In his rework, Floridian producer Sage Armstrong has upped the ante with a tech house focus. Old school wub wub is polished with sharp synths. Deconstructing the vocals, Sage Armstrong will have you shouting "Radio" as you gyrate your way through the track.

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The EP features the remixes of six artists, most from the United States where Anna Lunoe has been really making waves. Featuring the likes of STFU and MSCLS, as well as Sage Armstrong of course, each producer brings a new realm of genre and sound to the track.