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Live Review: Saatsuma's got eyes to the night sky with new single 'Crescent'

17 August 2017 | 7:56 am | Lloyd Crackett

Distinctly Australian but moon-gazing always, Saatsuma offer up their melodic first single 'Crescent' from their upcoming album Overflow

There’s a special sweet spot for vocalists that sound distinctly Australian when they sing; some sort of nationalistic pride that shines through when a vocalist can be Australian without being kitschy. But, kitschy is the last thing one would ever call SAATSUMA’s smouldering vocals on their new track ‘Crescent’. Continuing their overwhelming fascination with water, the track is an ode to the moon and its hidden but ever present power.

‘Crescent’ is a lyrically strong track, underpinned by twinkling synths and a throbbing bass. Focusing on the power the moon has on human behaviour, vocalist Memphis Kelly says of the track [it explores] "Our deep connection to the land that we’re often so unaware of…We’re often so resistant to work on and better ourselves, that we ultimately miss out on exploring this deeper sense of belonging, wholeness and true self-awareness,". Lyrics like ‘I’m constantly confused by the push and pull’ and ‘Disconcerting, we create this constant hurting and feel no shame’ really push for how the track uses the mystical power of the moon as a vessel for discussing humans and their power in this world. We are all a part of something much bigger, whether or not we can comprehend it or not. It's a fascinating way to bring together big ideas through danceable medium.

The production itself is lowkey dance. With all the hallmarks of a much larger track blended down into a contemplative melodic dance number, ‘Crescent’ can score a night in or play to a chill crowd. It’s a wonderful offering from Saatsuma’s upcoming album Overflow which will be released on the 1st of September independently.

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Saturday September 23, Northcote Social Club

Melbourne VIC

w/ Squidgenini, MinorFauna & DJ Dee Luscious