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Live Review: LISTEN: Ryan Hemsworth 'Ryan Must Be Destroyed' (Wave Racer Remix)

2 May 2014 | 3:55 pm | Jessica Holton

This remix from Wave Racer stays true to the producer's brand of happy splicing of samples while incorporating the tones from Ryan Hemsworth's original mix.


This remix from WAVE RACER stays true to the producer's brand of happy splicing of samples while maintaining the same upbeat tinkling that has taken off over the past few months in the House music genre.

This track turns Electronica's frown upside down and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The vocal sampling compliments the glittering ascension of this tune and makes you wonder why all days can't be a Saturday? The zany production of this remix may even leave you feeling a little bit loopy after your first listen.

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The original by Canadian producer RYAN HEMSWORTH possesses a darker tone, with ominous synth and clashing electronic sampling. Wave Racer turns the original from a panting pastiche of skittish House and Drum & Bass, to a summery tune filled with deep bass lines and synth soaring so high you could confuse it for birds chirping.

If you are in need of an ecstatic and eclectic party starter, then you have found your remix. Pop this on while drinking your late afternoon shower beer and scrub yourself to Wave Racer's remix of 'Ryan Must Be Destroyed'. It is Guaranteed that this track will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean.

Words by Jess Holton