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Live Review: Oh Boy teams up with Mallrat for a track so sweet, it's like a dessert for your ears

3 July 2017 | 8:03 pm | Holly O'Neill

Sydneysider OH BOY and Brisbabe MALLRAT are a musical match made in heaven and have made a tune that's guaranteed to get you dancing.

Sydneysider OH BOY and Brisbabe MALLRAT, both off the back of an east coast tour, have teamed up for another feel good dance tune. Released following a dual signing to Nettwerk Records, this follow up to their previous collab with Donatachi, 'Bunny Island', is just as sweet and easy to dance along to.

Starting off with some twinkly marimbas, the track slowly grows, adding elements like a musical trifle. A dessert for the ears. When the euphoric chorus hits, the large warm chords cut under sweet arpeggios and vocal chops. Mallrat's relaxed delivery is a perfect fit for this saccharine track, with the light autotuning in the choruses making for a gorgeous fit with the hugeness of the synth pads.

The duo's collaboration seems to come naturally, with each bringing something special out in the other like any great partnership. As Oh Boy was writing the track he specifically thought of Mallrat, and when the ideas clicked, they set their minds to creating the track with some help from a few pals. Of the collab Oh Boy said, “Grace [Mallrat] came and stayed at my place and we worked on it and even had some group recording sessions with our friends who did some backup features on the track so we named them the mice girls aka Mallrat & The Mice Girls.

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'Rush Hour' is so unironically uplifting: a song made by two buddies about being so into someone you miss your bus. Oh Boy and Mallrat are a musical match made in heaven and have made a tune that's guaranteed to get you dancing with a huge smile on your face.