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Live Review: Roza Terenzi channels the experimental on 'Seminyak Dream'

27 April 2018 | 9:24 am | Holly O'Neill

Following a move from Perth to Melbourne, it makes sense that Katie Campbell's CATLIPS project would evolve into ROZA TERENZI. Diving into the heart of Australia's techno and house scene, she swapped out her bright house sounds for darker beats that borrow from trance, electro and breakbeat. Her latest EP, Weakest Link, is the deepest exploration of this new era for the artist, with tracks like 'Seminyak Dream' channeling her unique take on acid house and atmospheric composition in it's clearest form.

Ethereal and echoing squeaks set the scene for the whole track as scuffling percussion moves from ear to ear. Chords wobble as if they're underwater and layers of synths bubble away and drip overhead. Over the intangible soundscape, percussion feels more tactile as Roza Terenzi shows off her knack for syncopated polyrhythms and breakbeats.

From the encompassing soundscape comes a choppy bass line, revealing a dense house rhythm as it moves alongside the drums. Minute to minute the track shifts, emphasising the driving percussion, dense bass line or swampy soundscape with each new stage.

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The driving drums over the idiosyncratic soundscape completely envelop the listener in 'Seminyak Dream'. It's a track you could get lost in for a long time. Warm synth chords shine through as the clearest melody in the whole piece, closing out the whole piece and ending this journey on a note of euphoria.

'Seminyak Dream' is more experimental than what we've come to know from Roza Terenzi, but she pulls it off with ease. Obviously Campbell is thriving with this new change in direction, with a European and Canadian tour in the pipeline and her newest EP, Weakest Link, being one of many releases coming from her this year. And we can't wait to see what she brings next!

Order 'Seminyak Dream' off Roza Terenzi's Weakest Link EP here.

Image via Facebook.