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Live Review: Ross From Friends remix of Westerman's 'Edison' is dreampop meets breakbeat

1 June 2018 | 9:27 am | Holly O'Neill

With a subtle keychange emotive, lofi producer ROSS FROM FRIENDS reshapes WESTERMAN's 'Edison' from hopeful pop into sparse, introspective breakbeats.

He may have came to prominence from the Youtube world of lo fi house autoplay suggestions, but ROSS FROM FRIENDS is no fluke. Rising from the depths of the flourishing online scene and into clubs all around the world, the UK producer's unique approach to the genre and dedication to emotive beats have built him a dedicated following. London muso WESTERMAN recently enlisted the producer for a remix of his track 'Edison' to turn his charming slice of dreampop introspective over a swirling soundscape.

Choppy breakbeats and hazy chords immediately trigger a dismal sense of longing, as the song's title stretches across the track. Languid pads and melodies overlap and intertwine, building a wistful, dreamy soundscape as the scattered percussion chugs along on top. As ever, Ross From Friends has a knack for creating gripping emotion in his housey tracks, but this time steers away from club accessible beats to make for a more insular listen for both new fans and the bedroom house heads that brought him to where he is in the first place.

With a slight change in key, Westerman's warm vocals and funky bassline turn from upbeat to melancholy. The original track, about the pursuit of creativity and pains of waiting on inspiration, gains a new layer of meaning in this remix as Ross From Friends loops the song's hook on forever. The endless repetition of "These lightbulb moments rarely come" feels more impatient than hopeful, turning to frustration in the face of creative plateau.

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In this remix, Ross From Friends has completely reshaped Westerman's track and builds upon the creative themes of the original, just as a great remix should. His trademark emotive house grooves hook into you, triggering a sense of wistful longing with just a few airy chords and skittery percussion as he explores the toll of the creative process.

PHOTO BY Guy Catling