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Live Review: 'Donny Blew It', but Ross From Friends certainly did not

6 May 2016 | 11:38 am | Hannah Galvin

South-London's Ross From Friends maintains his lo-fi aesthetic with his new gorgeous disco track, 'Donny Blew It'.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 6.00.57 pm

There's Ross, from Friends, and there's ROSS FROM FRIENDS - a South London producer creating raw club disco under one of the greater monikers of our time. A man of distinct artistry, fall in love with his latest offering, 'Donny Blew It'.

Engineering a harsh, hollow beat to hopscotch the tonal wave of jubilation, 'Donny Blew It' inhabits a facade, further expressed by the accompanying tales of shattering bells and a respondent hawk; evoking the crash that inevitably ensues.

Picking up the recovering pieces, it's the dictation of the unorthodox vocal that enables the track a point of reference. Learning to work with the remaining members coherently, the initial attributes resurface, this time bridging the gaps as if they were customised fittings. Applying gentle, reflective chimes that glimmer in their ring, the kind sensibilities of these elements set the track up to be intensely alluring.

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Unafraid to dip into different territories, experience beats thicken and vocal dynamics invert, inviting transient moments of enhanced testosterone before transitioning back into a more eloquent demeanour.

Depositing his signature handicapped aesthetic that resides just a thought away from clarity, Ross From Friends moulds a niche disco gem driven by a penchant spirit.

Stream Ross From Friends', 'Donny Blew It' via his Soundcloud. While you're there, check out the teaser to his forthcoming EP, to be released on Friday, 17th June via Lobster Theremin imprint, Distant Hawaii.

Words by Hannah Galvin.

Image via Google Maps, for real.