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Live Review: The xx's Romy shares new remix EP featuring Jayda G, HAAi and more

3 December 2020 | 4:04 pm | Emma Jones

Romy Madley Croft has tapped four of her favourite producers to bring her debut solo single 'Lifetime' to new heights.

Back in September, Romy Madley Croft of The xx delivered her debut solo single. Titled 'Lifetime', it was a joyous, uplifting slice of emotional club music, complete with yearning for togetherness and unity in a time when many are separated and isolated. It paid tribute to her love of club classics while also the significant period she's spent in the pop machine, writing and learning her way around timeless and immediately affecting songs.

At the time of its release, we said of the single, "Complete with her trademark hushed vocals, the emotional club song is a timeless, euphoric cut all about the yearning to be with our loved ones once more, and the longing we are all experiencing for togetherness and closeness in these strange times. It’s powerful in how emotional it is, tapping right into that liberation and elation we miss so dearly, and provides a slice of optimistic dance pop goodness to get us through until we can finally reunite. Turn this one up loud and let it all out."

Now, she's gone one step further and has released not one but FOUR new remixes, each bringing the single to life in a totally different way. From Australian-born London-based HAAi's work on her 'Green Lamborghini' remix to recent GRAMMY-nominated (!!!) Jayda G's Baleen remix, Anz's 'Togetherness' mix and Planningtorock's meditative 'Let It Happen' remix, each and every producer stretches, warps and re-imagines 'Lifetime' in their own unique way.

Romy said in a press release, “I'm so excited to share four remixes of Lifetime from four of my favourite producers right now, thank you so much Jayda G, HAAi, Anz and Planningtorock, you are all so talented and inspiring, I am so grateful for these remixes! When I was making the song I dreamt about being in a club, celebrating with my friends, you have each transported me back there in such different and unique ways, it’s amazing to hear! So excited for these to be out at last, dreaming of when we can be together listening to these in a club ?”

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Each of the producers also offered comment, with Jayda G saying, “I have been a fan of Romy since The xx’s first album back in 2009. To be part of this remix project for her first solo track is a dream come true and a honor. And the track bangs so was pumped to work on it!” For HAAi, the impact of 'Lifetime' was immediate as she explains, “Romy first played me ‘Lifetime’ on the way back from the studio one day. I loved it so much I asked her to play it again right away. I wanted to keep the energy and feeling of euphoria that the track had and to give her vocals the space to just exist. I can’t wait to play this in a sunny field with lots of people.”

Planningtorock said, “I’m so proud of this remix I made for my dear friend Romy. Think it’s one of the best I’ve ever made! It was so much fun re pitching Romy’s gorgeous husky vocals to make this new melody and transform the song into a queer dance floor stomper. Also really love Romy’s message on this track and wanted to take that already uplifting feeling and lift it higher. We’ve been listening and dancing to this remix loads and I hope you will enjoy it too?”

Anz also weighed in, saying, “As a longstanding Romy fan it was such a joy to work on this remix. When she shared the stems, I listened to her lyrics in isolation a few times and thought about what the words meant to me. The idea of being beside each other after such a secluded year brought about these really melancholic pangs for togetherness, and so I built the remix for just that. A time where we can all be shoulder to shoulder in dark rooms and at sunrises, dancing through melancholy and finding our feet again.”

Listen to the remixes below:

Available digitally from today, a 12” vinyl version is also available to pre-order ahead of a 2021 release. Download, stream and pre-order the 12” vinyl HERE.

Words by Emma Jones

Image by Vic Lentaigne