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Live Review: Roland Tings takes on Banoffee's 'With Her' in a dreamy house rework

28 January 2016 | 1:33 pm | Emma Jones

Electronic mastermind ROLAND TINGS has stepped up to the plate for remix duties on BANOFFEE's 'With Her', turning the track into a dreamy house rework.

Both established artists in their own rights, two of Melbourne's best acts right now have come together on this hot new remix.

Electronic mastermind ROLAND TINGS has stepped up to the plate for remix duties on BANOFFEE's 'With Her', turning the slow burning R&B track into a dreamy house rework - taking it to a whole other level that we didn't know Banoffee could get to, and one we can't get enough of.

Dirty synth lines, splashy cymbals and dreamy vibes, Roland Tings has lent his own flavour for this remix and it works surprisingly well. With a build up that swells with blooming synths and echoing vocal slices from Banoffee, he takes his time working up to where everything kicks in to become an instant floor-filler.

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Taking Banoffee's pop and R&B sensibilities and plunging them deep into house territory, Roland Tings' shows off his remixing abilities in all their glory with this cut. Exercising restraint and control, he keeps you begging for it to break, but never quite gives it up when you think he would - and in doing so, keeps you hooked from start to finish.

This is the first of three alternative takes on 'With Her', and has set the bar pretty damn high for what is still to come. As for things to come, Banoffee released her latest EP towards the end of last year, and will be jumping on the Laneway tour at the start of next month, whilst Roland Tings is hard at work finishing a new EP - his next move since the release of his album Floating On A Salt Lake last year. Big things are guaranteed for both!

Words by Emma Jones