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Live Review: A few notes on the beautifully moody River Tiber, 'Indigo', LP

26 June 2016 | 4:59 pm | Aiden Benavides

Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Multi Instrumentalist RIVER TIBER releases his long awaited debut album, Indigo, and it lives up to it's high expectations

Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Multi Instrumentalist hailing from Toronto Canada, RIVER TIBER releases his long awaited debut album, Indigo, and it lives up to it's high expectations.

I've done articles on two of River Tiber's tracks 'Acid Test' and 'I'm a Stone'; I loved both of them and this album maintains the same quality and style which drew me towards the singles he released during the weeks coming to this album.

Each track has River Tiber's vocal and production style of having these reverb rich vocals on top of smooth beats, without giving a track by track the thing that links most of these tracks musically is the warm vocals and composed beats that make for extremely addicting tracks that have catchy hooks and great sounding verses.

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Some stand out moments on this album (for me at least):

  • 'Acid Rain' is still one of my favourites, the drums on this track are just so natural on the beat.
  • 'West' featuring Daniel Ceasar has one of the catchiest hooks on the album and in general is just such a smooth track you could slide around on it.
  • The beat to 'Clarity' featuring Tess Parks is this dirty pounding kick drum which then evolves into River Tiber's style of production before going all out with a string section.
  • 'I'm a Stone' has this beautiful beat drop at the end after River Tiber does most of his vocals (which are also great), it's hypnotic.
  • 'Green in Blue' is this real jazz like interlude into the last track 'Flood', the smoothness of 'Green in Blue' is great because it provides contrast to the end of 'Flood' which goes all out by having heaps of instruments come in.

Overall I love this album, it has heaps of sonic depth to it and it's just enjoyable to listen to.

Indigo is available now via Red Bull Sound Select/Good Manners.

Words by Aiden Benavides