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Live Review: River Tiber teases new album with bonus track, 'I'm A Stone'

15 June 2016 | 2:10 pm | Aiden Benavides

River Tiber shows off another piece of his debut album Indigo with his bonus track 'I'm a Stone'.

RIVER TIBER shows off another piece of his debut album Indigo with his bonus track 'I'm A Stone'.

River Tiber is a vocalist, multi instrumentalist and producer from Toronto and is quickly making a name for himself with collaborations with large artists like Drake and Pusha T but also with several amazing singles coming off his debut like 'Acid Test' and now 'I'm a Stone', so far all the singles have been catchy and addictive tracks with production and vocals that show a high level of quality.

'I'm A Stone' has some great production, which a synth line repeating background that sets the tone for all the other instruments that get added on top of it, which keeps on building until the 2nd half of the track where the bass comes in and everything else takes a backseat to just vibe with the track.

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The vocals on this track are also great, they have such a level of emotion to their performance that gives the track so much depth. The hook is catchy too, when i first heard it, it sounded like a smoother, non auto tuned version of the hook on the Young Thug track 'Stoner', and while River Tiber did do a different hook with a lot more melody on 'I'm a Stone' i can't un-hear the similarity. Overall he kills his vocal performance, it goes with the production perfectly.

Indigo comes out 24 June via Red Bull Sound Select/Good Manners.

Words by Aiden Benavides

Photo Credit: Devon Little