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Live Review: Rivah is fearless on debut single 'Untame'

18 October 2017 | 10:08 am | Molly McLaughlin

The Brisbane artists has crafted a richly intimate tune that demonstrates both her vocal and lyrical prowess alongside pulsing synths and soaring melodies.

Brisbane artist RIVAH burst onto the scene last week with her stunning debut single 'Untame'. In collaboration with producers Pip Norman (Jarryd James) and Eric J (Chet Faker, Flume), Rivah has crafted a richly intimate tune that demonstrates her both her vocal and lyrical prowess.

The track is electro-pop with a healthy dose of RnB, driven by pulsating synths and deftly-layered vocals. As it builds to a crescendo, Rivah's angelic voice conveys the passion that bubbles beneath the serene surface of the song. "I already know/ I just wanna hear you say it, while I pray that you untame me," she croons, conveying the intensity of desire in a new relationship.

According to Rivah, the song was born out of a melting pot of emotions. “We actually wrote this song the day that Prince died - I went into the studio with my producer and we were both gutted, so we decided to pump his music at full blast and dance around the studio like crazy people,” she explains.

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“I have quite a layered approach to songwriting, so ‘Untame’ is about something very personal, but the larger theme is about overcoming fear – especially when it comes to the unknown,” she adds. The bridge, a refrain that is almost like an incantation, was added later. "I want to be fearless," Rivah chants, encapsulating the complex and interwoven emotions that come to the surface throughout the track.

As a debut, this song is polished and promising, a testament to Rivah's wealth of experience as a songwriter and musician on other projects. With 'Untame' she has struck out in a bold new direction, and we can't wait to see where she takes her musical journey next.