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Live Review: Riton ft. Meleka 'Inside My Head'

1 July 2014 | 12:56 pm | Hannah Galvin

Riton has just released his label's debut single 'Inside My Head', featuring the vocals of Meleka.

Unchaining himself from his techno DJ description, London-based artist RITON has taken flight, releasing his first single as a producer/songwriter with 'Inside My Head' featuring the vocals of MELEKA.

Pushing through a vortex, 'Inside My Head' shoots out onto a blank canvas, dirtying it up with colours and audacity reflecting an era before its time. Employing high-pitched synths reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys' 'Always On My Mind', Riton has ensured 'Inside My Head' truly packs a punch.

The rich, passionate vocals of Meleka elaborate a message of giving into someone, though avoid having to beg or chase the love of a person. These lyrics stride over a confident abundance of cascading synths and explosive beats, allowing an undeniably enormous intake of energy ready to step onto any willing dancefloor.

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Riton's 'Inside My Head' is the debut release on the artist's very own record label Riton Time that aims to deliver urban inspired dance music with a quick writing/recording turnaround in order to push out extremely fresh new music.

You can grab the new single and its remixes HERE.

Words by Hannah Galvin.